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“A giant forest starts from a single acorn”

STUDIO ACORN grows acorns filled with story seeds.

Produces your creativity.

Creates a gigantic story forest where human, animals and trolls live together.


스튜디오에이콘에서 만들어 갈 행복한 상수리나무 숲을 기대해주세요!

탁툰엔터프라이즈_The Curious World of Linda_02.jpeg

The World of Curious Linda

린다의 신기한 여행

2D Animation TV series

Season1    26 Episodes X 7 mins

Season2   26 Episodes X 11 mins(In Production)


Slow Slow Sloth Neul

느릿느릿 나무늘보 늘

3D CGI Animation OTT Series

Season1  66 Episodes X 2mins 30 sec. 

GroundCrew TOTO

​그라운드크루 토토

Stopmotion + 3D CGI Animation TV Series

52 Episodes X 11 mins

(In production)


Folding City


2D + 3D CGI Animation OTT Series

6 Episodes X 30 mins

(Under development)

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